An energy efficient commercial ice makers may cost more to s

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An energy efficient commercial ice makers may cost more to s

Postby Sebahtstian » Wed Jan 31, 2018 7:16 am

This ice makers commercial Produces up to 200kgs . of very soft and smooth snowflakes per 24 hours.combined with for hands-free operation. 18kgs. capacity seperate bin. Air cooled. Stainless steel finish with LED touch screen for easy operation.

It is very popular where many take-out customers have and it satisfies customers by produce alternative types of menu, such as natural fruit juices, snow slush and sweet bean with snow. which is perfect for making various cold desserts!

Electrical supply: 220V-240V / 110V-120V 50Hz / 60Hz
Power: 1230W
Dimensions (mm): 580*550*1300
Net weight: 57kg
Daily capacity: 200kg/24hr
Snow store: 18kg
Loading quantity:
20GP: 40pcs
40HQ: 168pcs

An energy efficient commercial ice makers for sale may cost more to start, but save you money in the long term. Self-contained ice machines are often costlier to install, particularly undercounter models, unless you get a modular commercial undercounter ice maker with a remote condenser, which is the most involved and costly installation option.

Working out the full cost of your commercial countertop ice maker is much more complicated than looking at the sticker price, so take some time to work out all the installation and long-term costs as well before you make your final decision.

When you’re in the middle of the lunch rush and the ice your machine made this morning is starting to dwindle, how quickly will the commercial undercounter ice makers to restock your supply? An ice maker with a high production rate will produce new ice faster, helping you keep up the supply levels you need during busy times.
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