Your ice machine has to be hooked up to a water source

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Your ice machine has to be hooked up to a water source

Postby Sebahtstian » Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:19 am

For obvious reasons, your commercial ice maker has to be hooked up to a water source that can deliver a significant quantity of water to the machine. Your water line needs to have a shutoff valve and be up to whatever codes exist in your area. If you’re replacing an commercial ice makers, you may already have everything you need set up for the water source. If you’re installing one in a new space, you’ll probably need to work with a plumber to make sure you get your ice machine hooked up properly.
Condenser Type

There are three different types of condensers to consider. Air-cooled machines are the most popular option because they’re energy efficient, affordable, and use far less water than water-cooled ice maker for sale. As the name suggests, they use the circulation of air to maintain the necessary cool temperatures for the machine to work.

Water-cooled ice machines are a good choice in a few particular contexts where air-cooled machines won’t function as well. Namely, if your ice maker commercial will be located somewhere where the temperatures are high or where there’s not much air circulation. Some cities have banned water-cooled commercial ice maker for sale based on how much water they use, so before you make any purchase, check your local regulations.

The third option is going with a remote condenser, which uses the same technology as air-cooled models, but moves the condenser away from the machine to outside of the building. The benefit of a remote condenser is that you don’t get all the noise of the other models, but they come at a much higher cost, both for the condenser itself and for the cost of installation.

Every ice machine must be located close to a floor drain. Many cities have specific codes that define where your drain must be placed in relation to your ice makers for sale, so be sure to check your local requirements to make sure you’re in compliance.
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Re: Your ice machine has to be hooked up to a water source

Postby sambarry » Tue Jan 09, 2018 12:13 pm

i am sam barry and i am new user. i am used commercial ice maker machine and future exprience share it and reply features.
any problem create it's machine please give advise.


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