I would love to get your feedback on my songs

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I would love to get your feedback on my songs

Postby msetten » Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:05 pm

I have been a fan of Moya, Clannad and Enya for a long time (and I am also fan of several other Irish and Irish-themed artists). I have met Moya a couple of time at concerts here in the Netherlands and once in Ireland and even met some of you. Now, I'd like to ask your feedback on something.

I have started writing music as a hobby in 2011. It is all instrumental music so far, as writing lyrics seems to be not my "thing". I feel that the songs that I have written so far are influenced by my preference for Celtic music. Since you all have at some a overlap with my own musical taste, I'd love to get your feedback on the songs that I have written.

I have created a website (more of a blog) where I post all song and where I write about the backgrounds of the songs that I have written. All the songs on my site can be downloaded for free (for personal home-use only). I even intent to post sheet music of all songs in the future (I have only done that for one song so far). You can leave comments on the site and rate the songs.

I hope you will like my songs, but I am really looking for honest opinions.
You can find my site at: http://www.markvansetten.com (for the English version) and http://www.markvansetten.nl (for the Dutch version).

Thanks in advance,

Mark van Setten
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