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"The Commitments" Reunion

PostPosted: Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:10 pm
by Susann
After 20 years the original cast of "The Commitments" will play the following concerts:

The Royal Theatre, Castlebar, on March 14th
The INEC, Killarney, on March 15th,
The Odyssey, Belfast on March 17th
The O2, Dublin on March 19th

From 16th to 20th I will be in Dublin together with three friends to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Some days ago I searched the internet for events beside the St. Patrick's Day Parade during these days and I found "The Commitments". I love the movie and today I bought a ticket. My friends don't know the movie so they weren't interested in it. They shall go to a pub and I will go to The O2 :D :D :D .