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Mairead ni Mhaonaigh solo album

PostPosted: Sun Feb 01, 2009 10:40 pm
by Cliona23
I saw on Mairead's official website (and Mairead told us last night at the T with the Maggies concert :D ) that there was a solo album called "Imeall" coming soon...but I can't find a release date anywhere...does someone know when this album will be out ?

PostPosted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 9:11 am
by Dubhy63
The album was on sale on Saturday night as you might know and should be in the shops soon.A quick email to Mairéad ( through her website ) could possibly give you more info,good luck :)

PostPosted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 10:04 am
by Cliona23
No I didn't realise it was for sales in the button factory on saturday :oops: :lol:

I'll try to email...thanks for your reply, Dubhy!