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PostPosted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 3:37 pm
by Grania
(((((((((((((((((Luned))))))))))))))))))))) Thanks for the pm! I'll save those links for when I'm on a decent connection, but will enjoy them! For some reason I couldn't get a reply to you, so here's an extra hug as well!

PostPosted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 5:58 pm
by Luned
(((((((((((((Grania))))))))))))))))))) aww, thank you! and one back at you! :) I got your pm, too :) Enjoy the videos!

PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, 2011 11:32 pm
by Dab051176
(((((((((((Dubhy63))))))))))))) For all your help in DĂșn Laoghaire last night, and for the great photo, which (I hope you don't mind!) I couldn't resist as a new avatar! :mrgreen: It's taken 3 years, but I've finally got Moya "down to my level" - literally!!!! :P

((((((((((((((((Moya))))))))))))))))) For the great concert, and for patiently hanging around whilst we hassled you with cameras! :wink:

PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2011 1:21 am
by Dubhy63
((((((((((((((((Moya))))))))))))))))) for the great concert,taking the time to talk to us and the photos of course. :P

((((((((((((((((Sinead))))))))))))))))) for the great concert,giving us some of your time and patiently waiting while I got the photos organised. :D

((((((((((((((((Cormac,Aisling & the rest of the gang on stage ))))))))))))))))) for the great concert. :D

Dave,your new avatar looks great ! :mrgreen:

PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2011 4:14 pm
by Grania
I'm sooo jealous of you guys! I'd do anything for an evening like that right now!

((((((((((((((((((((Dave))))))))))))))))))))))))))) For the e-mail :D and talking to me even in this state!

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Moya)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Much appreciated! :)

PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2011 4:47 pm
by Dab051176
(((((((((((((((((((G))))))))))))))))))))))) You know where to find me if you need a hand with that report. I've already offered to proof-read stuff for Ness, so the offer applies to you, too. I'll soon have run out of gigs to go to for the time being, so I'll need something to keep me out of trouble!!!! :wink:

PostPosted: Sun Mar 20, 2011 4:47 pm
by Grania
Be very careful, Dave, making offers like that. My final report is supposed to be a 'minimum 6000 words' and I'm currently over 9000...and counting...

PostPosted: Sun Mar 20, 2011 5:11 pm
by Dab051176
You've got a bit to go before I'm out of my depth, G - My Master's dissertation was just shy of 16000 words! :wink: So the offer still, stands.....for now, anyway! :P

PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2011 3:58 pm
by Grania
:lol: Impressive....although I should mention that mine is that, unfinished and not including appendices....I don't want to think about what the total might actually be!

PostPosted: Sat Apr 09, 2011 6:00 pm
by Dab051176
(((((((((((((((((((Hester))))))))))))))))))))) Great to see you! Where have you been hiding?!!!!! :lol: :lol: :D

PostPosted: Sun Apr 10, 2011 11:48 am
by Hester
wave to dave!! :wink: Facebook mainly...Moya's current Dutch tour is one of the reasons to pop in again. Good to see the forum is still active! :D

PostPosted: Tue Apr 12, 2011 9:32 am
by Luned
((((((((((((((Hester))))))))))))))) good to see you back online - both here and on FB :)

PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 9:32 am
by Hester
Hi ((((((((Ewa))))))))))))!!!!!!!!
Good to be back :D

PostPosted: Sun Apr 24, 2011 10:24 am
by mise
Wishing you all a wonderful day at Easter ((((all of you)))

PostPosted: Sun Apr 24, 2011 11:52 am
by Turlough
mise wrote:Wishing you all a wonderful day at Easter ((((all of you)))

Happy Easter ((((first hugger mise))))