Clannad Discography Question

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Which sections should the discography have?

Keep them the same
Scrap Trísan and Duggans section, and simply rename the Moya collaborations so it covers all members
As above (2) but keep Duggans & Friends
No votes
As (2) but delete "Pulp Victim" and "Antillas" as they're simply samples of Clannad/Moya
As (2) but keep "Pulp Victim" and "Antillas" as they're good for collectors
Another layout (please post)
Total votes : 6

Clannad Discography Question

Postby wonky_eggs » Sat Jun 04, 2005 10:26 am

Hi guys,

I need a bit of help from the Clann community! With the Clannad discography I would like your imput on the layout of the projects.

Currently we have the following sections:

    Clannad singles
    Clannad albums
    Moya singles
    Moya albums
    Moya collaborations/special appearances
    Brídín Brennan
    Duggans & Friends

And I propose the following options:

1. Keep them the same
2. Scrap Trísan and Duggans section, and simply rename the Moya collaborations so it covers all members
3. As above (2) but keep Duggans & Friends
4. As (2) but delete "Pulp Victim" and "Antillas" as they're simply samples of Clannad/Moya
5. As (2) but keep "Pulp Victim" and "Antillas" as they're good for collectors.

Your help will be mouch appreciated!


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Postby mise » Sat Jun 04, 2005 10:48 am

Hi Barry,

Not sure what you mean by "Pulp victim" and "Antillas" :?
I would think it's not fair on Máire or the others to put all her work with the other members of Clannad, because there is so much of her music. The other things may get lost.

My suggestion would be to keep all the Clannad an Máire stuff and then put the other three together under a header like "Solo projects" Until they have produced more great stuff, I think you could easily put them (Brídín, the Duggans and Pól) together. And Máire is hardly a project anymore is it?
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Postby agategs » Sat Jun 04, 2005 11:43 am

I agree with mise about putting all the "other" solo work into one category. Though I love their music, Pól, Brídín, and the Duggans haven't recorded anywhere near as much as Moya has.

Will there be a section added for Clannad's other projects, soundtracks and such (ie, Message in a Bottle, Warriors of Virtue, etc)? If so, I'd think these should also stay separate from Moya's work, rather than renaming that category. They're still quite different, I think.

Great work, by the way!!!

Hasta luego,
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Postby gregoing » Sat Jun 04, 2005 10:13 pm

Hey, Barry. Great work with the Clannad discography!

I was thinking that maybe you would want to have, on the main page, three sections: Clannad, Moya Brennan, and Miscellaneous.
Under Clannad, you could have the Clannad singles, albums, and collections (AND a Clannad miscellaneous section with their works from soundtracks and other projects, as Agategs had suggested.
Under Moya Brennan, you could have the three existing categories.
Under Miscellaneous or Other, you could have Trísan, Brídín Brennan, and The Duggans and Friends, as Mise and Agategs suggested. But, then again, part of me thinks that that idea might confuse some people because Brídín was never officially a member of Clannad. Maybe, to solve confusion, you might consider making all of the above changes and then changing the name of the discography to "The Brennan Family Discography (Excluding Enya)!"

Or maybe not.


EDIT: Keep Antillas and Pulp Victim.
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