T With The Maggies at Temple Bar TradFest 2013

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T With The Maggies at Temple Bar TradFest 2013

Postby Susann » Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:41 pm

From 24th to 27th January I was to the Temple Bar TradFest in Dublin. With six hours delay I reached Dublin on Thursday evening. The security staff at the airport in Dusseldorf was on strike so I had to queue six hours. This was horror – six hours walking is no problem but standing … But I was happy that the Aer Lingus crew waited for the passengers. Many flights had been canceled.

On Friday I went first to the venue of the T With The Maggies concert on Saturday “St. Werburgh’s Church” which is very close to Christ Church Cathedral and DUBLINIA. The weather was really bad so it was the right time to visit DUBLINIA. It was quite interesting and also funny. Have you ever listened to a Viking on a toilet :P ? Then I looked around Christ Church and had a nice piece of cake in The Crypt café in the cathedral. At 6 pm I went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral to see Sharon Shannon. First she was on stage with three very good musicians and later they were joined by Sharon Shannon’s sisters and brother. It was an enjoyable concert :D .

On Saturday I met Julia and Katie who came also from Germany to see the Maggies. Actually they wanted to come a day earlier but because of the strike in Dusseldorf both Aer Lingus flights on Friday had been canceled. Later I met Dave at Jury’s Inn. Dave, it was nice to talk to you. See you in July 8) . To get a seat in the first row we were at the door of Werburgh’s already at 6 pm. Later Joanna joined us. She didn’t have a ticket and it was sold out but she stayed with us until we could go into the church. We had a lot of fun. Thanks Jo :lol: . Some minutes after 8 pm Moya, Mairéad, Maighread and Tríona together with Manus Lunny and a drummer (I don’t know his name) came on stage. What shall I say - it was absolutely fantastic, it was gorgeous, it was amazing. I enjoyed it very much :D :D :D :D . The focus of the concert were the different beautiful voices of the ladies especially Moya‘s, Mairéad’s and Maighread’s. Trìona played wonderfully piano, Moya somethimes harp and even bongo :wink: , Mairéad fiddle, Manus guitar and the bodhran/bongo. You know that I like taking photos and I normally have to take a lot to get some quite good ones but this time I confined myself. Very often I just listened without thinking to get a good shot. After the concert the FOUR stayed to sign autographs and to talk to the fans. Maighread said to me “You inspired me.”. I couldn’t believe it. I have never inspired anyone. But she said that I was smiling all the time and this has inspired her. Even Moya stayed. I thought she must be very exhausted because the night before she was still on stage with CLANNAD in Chemnitz and on Sunday she had to be at the airport at about 5 am to go back to Germany for the next concert in Hanover. I had also a little chat with Cormac and Sinead who were in the audience. Thank you so so much LADIES for a wonderful night :D . After the concert Julia, Katie and I had some Guinness and then I took a taxi back to my B&B.

My flight on Sunday back home was at 5:40 pm so I had time to meet the two girls again and to walk a little bit around the liffey. My last Guinness for this trip I had at The Ferryman. Julia and Katie stayed some days more in Ireland so I think they had also some drinks more :mrgreen: .

A short but very intense trip. Here are the pics https://picasaweb.google.com/Susann177/ ... FestJan13#
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Re: T With The Maggies at Temple Bar TradFest 2013

Postby Yvonne » Tue Feb 05, 2013 8:17 pm

Hi Susann,

Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful story and the beautiful pictures!

It sounds like you had a great time. :D :D :D I would love to go to a T with the Maggies concert someday. That must be so much fun!


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