Moya in Leeuwarden (+ Trip to Harlingen and Ameland)

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Moya in Leeuwarden (+ Trip to Harlingen and Ameland)

Postby Susann » Sun May 06, 2012 2:00 pm

On Wednesday, 25 April I took the train to Leeuwarden. I arrived in the afternoon and wanted to do a little bit sightseeing in the town but unfortunately it was rainig. So I went at about 7 p.m. to the very modern venue “De Harmonie”. I said hello to Leon and met the Welsh-Dutch couple Lynne and Ron. We had something to drink together and talked about Clannad, Moya and Ireland. When we entered the concert hall we realised that our seats were side by side in the first row.
The concert started with “Of this land” which I love very much. When I listen to the song I always feel Donegal in me - the mountains, the gentle breeze, the yellow gorse. Already years ago I combined attached photo which I took while climbing Mount Errigal in the Gweedore area on 06/06/06 with some lines of the song.

There were no only new songs on the set-list but also the arrangements were different. It was quieter than the years ago. I liked it very much!!! After the concert I asked Moya about the difference and she said that she didn’t want to do the same what she has been doing with Clannad this year. Moya signed the CD “Le Cuidiú Dé” for me. I told her that I love her song “An tEibhlin Marie” very much – her warm and gentle voice – but I didn’t have a clue what she is singing about. Moya and Leon explained the story behind the song. It's a very sad song about the sinking of the fishing trawler "Evelyn Marie". The crew of six were lost. It happend on 7th January 1975 off Rathlin O'Byrne Island near Malinbeg.

It was a wonderful night with Moya and band and it was very nice to meet Lynne and Ron. :D :D :D

On Thursday I visited Harlingen. The day was cold, stormy, cloudy and rainy with some sunny spells. After heavy rain and hail in the afternoon the weather very much improved. At 5 p.m. I went back to Leeuwarden to see the town in blue sky. It was much nicer now with the right light. I hoped the weather would stay stable because the next day I wanted to go on a daytrip to Ameland.

On Friday when I opened my eyes at 5 a.m. I couldn’t see any clouds, yeah. I took the first bus to Holwerd and from there the first ferry to Ameland. When I reached the island at 8:40 a.m. I took the bus to the most westerly situated village Hollum. I strolled an hour through the village before I walked to the lighthouse. I climbed the 236 steps to the top where you have a fantastic view from. Through the dunes I came to the beach. There were just a few people. It was stormy and so I could only hear the sound of the sea and the wind. Wonderful.
After a while I left the beach and walked along the “Rietpad”. This path goes along birds nesting sites. That’s why I left it at the next possibility because I was not sure if it was allowed to walk here at this time of the year.
Then I came to an absolute amazing wide part of the beach. There was nobody only me. Sometimes I thought that there were people but when I came closer I realised that it were just red-painted sticks (signposts).
The next special part of the beach was “Het Groene Strand” (The Green Beach). This beach has been arisen during the last 30 years. And for about 20 years the sea has deposited a layer of fertile mud and clay over the shore. Nowadays you can find there around 60 salt-loving and sweet water plants side by side. It is very exceptional in Europe. Different species of birds use it as breeding ground.
Then I left the beach and headed towards the village Ballum. At a kiosk near the beach I had Cappuccino and Poffertjes, mmh. From Ballum to the island's main village Nes I wanted to take the bus. But the weather was still brilliant and I had enough time left so I decided to walk. I passed Ballum and walked about 2 km along a quite road to the dike. From here it was 5 or 6 km to Nes. There I had something to drink and then I took photos from these nice old houses and the windmill. Then one last kilometre to the ferry terminal where I took the ferry at 6:30 p.m. back to the mainland. I was happy to sit for a while because I walked all in all 25 km that day. I was so lucky with the weather that I said THANK YOU, SUN when I was back in Leeuwarden.

When I left Leeuwarden on Saturday it was raining.

It was a marvellous short trip!!!

Here are the pics: ... eeuwarden#
Errigal-Clannad-verkl.JPG (239.51 KiB) Viewed 3125 times
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Re: Moya in Leeuwarden (+ Trip to Harlingen and Ameland)

Postby aaron » Fri May 11, 2012 2:56 pm

Fabulous photo's and it was nice meeting you

Hope you're well

Lynne and Ron
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Re: Moya in Leeuwarden (+ Trip to Harlingen and Ameland)

Postby cantilena91 » Sun May 13, 2012 9:25 am

Wonderful story and wonderful pics too, thanks for sharing!

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