Moya in Middelburg

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Moya in Middelburg

Postby Yvonne » Mon Apr 16, 2012 12:37 pm

Hello all!

Last night I went to Moya's concert in Middelburg with my dear friends Franz and Simi :D . It will be no surprise when I say that we had a wonderful time! :D

I have written down the setlist so if you are still going to one of the concerts and you want to be surprised don't read this!

1 Of this Land
2. Cruscin Lán
3. Crann Ull
4. Voices of the Land
5. Cumha Eoghain Rua Ui'Neill
6. Gathering Mushrooms
7. Many Faces
8. Bright Star
9. Bean Dubh a 'Ghleanna
10 An Seanduine Doíte
11. Call of the Wild


1. My match is a makin'
2. Songbird
3. Casadh Mo chroí
4. Summerfly (Sinead)
5. Carolan's Concerto/Trip to Tullo ?
6. Sailing Away
7. Gone are the Days
8. Ar a Ghabhail 'n a 'Chuain Damh
9. Against the Wind


She moved through the Fair
Two Sisters

There were some surprises, songs I had never heard live before, such as Voices of the Land, Call of the Wild, Cruscin Lan and Ar a Gabhail.. . It is really nice that she changes the setlist a bit every time! Now that she did a song from her first album I am hoping she wil sing Cé Leis some time as well. Such a lovely song and probably wonderful live! After the concert we also had a chance to talk to Moya and Cormac again. And, well, I say it every time, but I am always so pleasantly surprised by their kindness. Moya was very kind and Cormac too. Moya said that there will be a Dutch Tour again next year ( probably with a new Voices and Harps CD) so that's something to look forward to! :D

I haven't got much time so I am going to stop now! I will write a bit more later.

Thank you Moya, Cormac and the rest of the band for a wonderful evening! :D


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Re: Moya in Middelburg

Postby Susann » Mon Apr 16, 2012 2:38 pm

Hi Yvonne, many thanks for the review. That's nice that Simi and Franz were with you. I hope they are well.

And they played "Of this land" - I love this song. When I listen to the song I always feel Donegal in me - the mountains, the gentle breeze, the yellow gorse ... :D :D :D
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Re: Moya in Middelburg

Postby Phantas » Mon Apr 16, 2012 4:54 pm

Great review! Seems like, the longer Moya tours, the more older Clannad songs enter into her setlists! I'm not complaining, those are some of the best!
I'm still so happy that I went to Moya's christmas concert last year - it was the best ever. [well, thát and the one with Clannad the other year] :)

It's that I'm not going to many Moya concerts anymore , but each time it is always a wonderful experience :) And sometimes you value it more when you don't go as often :)
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