Report from Dublin Ohio 2010

Memories of shows, dreams of shows to come

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Report from Dublin Ohio 2010

Postby PierreC » Tue Aug 10, 2010 7:02 pm

I just got my Moya fix !!

...oh well, part of it because in a festival tight schedule Moya barely had one hour gig both days, and worst of all the sunday's gig got chopped about 15 minutes because Ian had some difficulties with his keyboard. When that happens its lost time, you cant get it back at the end. I tried my best to clap like a nutcase at the end to get an encore...didnt work, the lady on stage was introducing the next act !

Also i was lucky enough to have my regular front row ! :D In this kind of festival you need to be there early and be aware of any movement.

She basically played the regular set, nothing new except Aisling on stage to play the flute on one song. It was a family outing for Moya with her hubby and 2 children, no Leon on sight.

Again Moya was soooo kind and generous. Got a few pics and chat with her after the gig. Got a good chat with Sinnead and also some good pics. Ive posted them on my facebook page. Someone will have to tell me how i can post a link here for those who want to see them.

Overall it was a FANTASTIC week-end. Scorching heat throught the week-end Dublin Ohio, something around 95f ! So many band that i didnt know who were sooo great, so many friendly people around, so many....beers ! oops sorry

Natalie McMaster is another that i love dearly. I saw her saturday and sunday's gigs and again she was amazing. She didnt have problem with the tight schedule as most of the time she was the last on the program.

Next year ill be back thats for sure.

NB I forgot to mention that Moya said on stage that Clannad is not dead ! ....they are just lazier than her ! :)
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