Who wants front row tickets for Hengelo concert on 22 April?

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Who wants front row tickets for Hengelo concert on 22 April?

Postby msetten » Sat Jan 30, 2010 3:29 pm

I have two front row tickets for Moya's concert in Hengelo on 22 April 2010 for sale. They are the absolute center of the row. As I have been having an awful lot of problems with my back, I had to buy myself another set of tickets at the end of a row (row 12 in this case), so that I can stand up during the concert without bothering anyone. I had hoped that these back problems would be better by now, but they have only gotten worse and according to the doctors will never go away. They cause me a lot of pain while sitting, but I do want to attend Moya's concert this year (I already had to let go of one of her concerts last year because of this).

I could return the tickets to the venue and get a coupon to use for other shows this year or next year, but I prefer to have two real fans of Moya to be in these front row seats, being so close to Moya during the concert, so I am offering these seats for their normal fees here. Though these are front row center seats (row 1 seats 11 and 12, click here for the venue layout; it is the Eaton Holec stage), you have to be aware that the stage in Hengelo is a bit high. You will have a perfect view on Moya though.

If you are interested, please send me a PM.

(P.S. I hope this post is in the correct forum, if not, moderators feel free to move it to another forum)
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