Braunschweig and Berlin..

Memories of shows, dreams of shows to come

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Braunschweig and Berlin..

Postby PierreC » Mon Dec 07, 2009 3:18 am

Couldnt post sooner because i couldnt find a free computer or wi-fi. No way ill pay 10 Eur for 30 mins of chit-chat.

Funny story happened to me in Braunschweig (by the way lovely city with a very historical old downtown).

I went for a walk from the Mercure all the way to the kirche (a few Kilometers i might say)just so that i can get my office wasnt open ! :oops:

All of this for nothing ! Anyway i came back to my room and decided to wait until showtime at 8..or so i thought it was :shock:
I was still in my room at 6h40 when i decided to double check the time of the show

it was 7PM :( :( :( !

i jumped in a cab and got it there 10 minutes prior to the show and the guy at the door told me

"Ze show is sold out !!!" :cry:

Then he recognized me from the show in Verden (same organizer) and then he said after a while
" We sold 700 seats for this one! can buy a standing room for only for 20Eur "

That was fine with me. Although i had to watch the show from up on the balcony, the only show of this tour that i wasnt first row.

Im not going to talk about both shows in Braunschweig and Berlin cause ive read many good reviews right here on this site.

All i can say is that i had a great trip, four gigs in a row. I got the big book signed, a jersey signed, my false teeth signed :P I met Moya after each gigs and after the last show in Berlin she said to me

"Do you plan to see more gigs ? if so please let me know "

I replied to here "Heuh...maybe ? Although i had no plan to attend any more shows as my hotel room in Berlin was paid for 6 nights...although her comment shook me a bit and i almost went to Dresden and Poland..but that didnt make any sense.

Anyway my next trip will be in Holland in april, this time i intend to see more than 4 gigs in a row. :wink:
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