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what a live show can do to you....

PostPosted: Sun Apr 26, 2009 12:25 am
by PierreC
The other day i was reading one member here talking about Clannad live and the 25th anniversay box set.

I got those Cds....but im not crazy about them. Live CDs dont hit me !

Moya pieces live from YOUTUBE doesnt seduce me. I like them but i dont go nuts over them.


It had an enormous impact on me. I never thought i could love this set so much, even without most of my favorite songs ! :oops:

I saw four straight identical lives shows and i could have taken 20 in a row !

For those of you who havent seen Moya live its a must, dont wait before its too late. The dedication Moya has to her art is addictive.

Now i must see Clannad. Can you believe ive been a Clannad fan for something around 30 years and i still havent seent them live. In Montreal it was not easy to have news about Clannad in the seventies, and i was very young back then. Thank God i had a good import store.

I hope they will perform live very soon....will they ?? I mean you go to there website and theres nothing much going on. :cry:

I think i will be back in Europe sooner than i thought. :)

PostPosted: Sun Apr 26, 2009 8:23 pm
by Dab051176
It sounds as if the "Moya concert" bug has bitten you hard, Pierre! :wink: :lol:

I hope you do get to see Clannad live, too. Like you, I've been a fan for 20 years or more, and it took me until last year to finally see them live (one of which was in Leo's Tavern!) - So it just shows that patience does pay off!!! :lol: :mrgreen:

I haven't heard of any other concerts in the near future, but keep an eye on the Clannad section of the forum - and remember, never say never!!!! :wink:

PostPosted: Mon Apr 27, 2009 7:03 pm
by Grania
There now Pierre, didn't I warn you it was addictive? :lol:

Moya in Alexandria, VA

PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2009 5:26 am
by Steven
I had the pleasure of seeing Moya live at Birchmere in Alexandria this past Sunday. Ashley Davis was to have been the opening act that night and I was excited about seeing her almost as much as I was about seeing Moya.

I am a long-time fan of Clannad and Moya, have every album they ever put out, introduced their music to many people and have long hoped to see at least Moya in concert. I've seen all the photos of Moya in concert and, finally, my chance came. I left home and picked up a friend, who came to enjoy Moya's music because of me, along the way and we drove the 400+ miles to Alexandria, VA. We talked about Moya and Ashley Davis and listened to music and wondered how nice it would be to finally see Moya and band live.

Finally, FINALLY, the time came and we were seated, fed, and waiting. No Ashley Davis though due to 'losing her voice' was the first disappointment. An incomplete band followed next, and songs left off the Heart Strings album followed. A couple of comments by members of the band such as, 'like you people in America say it' and 'what's next - oh, falling asleep' and 'couldn't afford to fly the whole band over' left me feeling slighted and below what fans in Ireland, England, mainland EU, even New York would receive. Any of this intentional? I don't know. I hope not. What I do know is that it left me a little less of a fan than I was, and I was a huge fan. Before this I was considering making the trip to see Moya and Ashley again, possibly in Annapolis or Pennsylvania or maybe Ohio.

Before you condemn me for speaking ill of the lady singer we all love please understand this, that I am a 100% disabled veteran who finds it extremely difficult to travel long distances such as the trip I made to see Moya and Ashley. Not to mention that I'll be paying for this trip for some time to come. As a fan, I'd expected, without even thinking of it, to see and hear exactly what I know happens in other concerts by Moya, just as it is billed. I imagine Ashley Davis will have her voice back in time for the NYC concerts, and the other band members will be there as well. Feel free to tell me differently if this isn't the case.

Given all this, it was still a great pleasure to see and hear Moya sing. Shannon, the other female vocalist and on keyboards, also impressed me, enough so that I bought her album.

Would I do it again knowing what I now know? No. I would have spent the time and money enjoying the other sites of D.C. with my friend. We sure had a good time being tourists and she was just as curious as I was.


PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2009 10:57 am
by Grania
I'm very sorry that your concert experience wasn't as you hoped it would be Steven.

I would like to say though that with the current financial difficulties in our part of the world, I'm amazed that Moya has managed to afford to get to you in America at all. It's a dreadful cost for her shoulder, and I know without asking that the band will have done all they can to make the concerts the best they possibly can, even with members missing.
I'd also like to add that I know it wasn't exactly financially easy for Moya to undertake her UK tour recently, and that there were various problems with transport, and also a few band members missing for various reasons, so you're not on your own in missing the full delicious blast of a Moya concert.

It's a dreadful shame that the other performer you were hoping to see was unable to play...but at least you didn't travel to another country, to then discover that the concert was cancelled...that happened to me for reasons beyond anyone's control. It can always be worse.
As for the band's comments, :lol: that's just them :lol: last concert I went to we had the full introduction to the aphrodisiac properties of seaweed :lol: It's part of their style

If I were you I'd give them all, for their very hard work, the benefit of the doubt and if you get chance, go again. I believe that the concert you went to was also the first of the tour, so it's possible that they weren't completely shaken down yet. This is Moya's first tour since her keyboard player of 6 years Sam Jackson left the band, so doubtless they've got a little bit of adjusting to do.

It is a shame, and I smypathise...but the next time, in my experience, is always better :) :wink: (and believe me, I've had a lot of experience :lol: )

And folks who haven't heard it yet...Sinéad's album is fabulous!!!!

PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2009 6:35 pm
by PierreC
What happened at Moya concert ? i mean how many members of the band were missing ? Moya was there i presume, Sinnead and Cormac ?

I guess Moya hasnt found a new keyboard yet as m. Jackson said he quit the there was no keyboard player ?

Tell me more please ?

PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2009 7:04 pm
by Grania
I've know Sinéad to take over keyboards before Pierre...that seems likely to me. Not sure about Cormac obviously, but I know that his show on TG4 has been on recently, so if he is missing it will probably be because of that...he told me in Worcester that he had to miss a couple of gigs on the UK tour to go back to Ireland and record it. Eamonn too, at the time of the UK was on tour with Riverdance (my biggest disappointment!!!!!)...they're all really busy people. What with that and the financial difficulties of getting them all to America (can you imagine how much it must cost to transport them, the crew, the instruments and all the other kit across the Atlantic???????) I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't as many of them as usual.

Don't forget, when Moya went to the US after the release of An Irish Christmas, it was just her and Cormac (those who went to those performances..wasn't it in Borders stores? correct me if I'm wrong!) and I think Sinéad and Fionan joined them once or things are going up!!!

PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2009 7:19 pm
by PierreC
Moya went last year in Pawling NY and now she is back there in early june.

I was suppose to go but a snow storm got in the way of my enthusiasm ! :lol:

Of course it would be a good thing to know how many band members will be at the two concerts i plan to go in Pawling and Mashpee MA,

I dont care if Ashlee Davis is long as Moya is there. :lol:

PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2009 7:22 pm
by PierreC
on another note to see Moya crossing the big lake without most of her band members tells me even more how dedicated she is and how passionnate she is about her work.

Thats all i care. Id got to Pawling just to take a coffee with her..really

well..if she can sing a bit while we drink it would be much better :lol:

PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2009 7:31 pm
by Grania
:lol: You're as bad as me Pierre. The concert I was going to in Galway in November was cancelled a few days before....I still went to Galway :lol:

Once drove for 10 hours and God only knows how many miles to see her...and that's not including the 6 hour train trip to Glasgow, several cross-channel journies......


PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2009 8:11 pm
by PierreC
Hey Grania...everybody knows we are passionate !

Till we meet again...maybe in Berlin in november ? That is probably my next trip in Europe. A week long of Moya gigs...sound great

Unless Moya announces a tour in England during the warmer months...something i would prefer ! i hate the cold :oops:

PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2009 8:14 pm
by Grania
We don't get the luxury here as often as our friends on the continent I'm afraid to say. I've not yet been to a concert in Germany...but I'm dyyyng to go to one of Moya's Christmas concerts, so might well see if I can get there :)

It's looking like my next time will be Letterkenny in July

8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2009 9:19 am
by Dab051176
Grania wrote:
It's looking like my next time will be Letterkenny in July

8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Likewise, but does anyone know where in Letterkenny said concert is? I've been trying to find somewhere to ask about ticket prices, etc - but with no joy..... :roll:

Both Moya's website, and her Myspace page still have "details to follow" messages.

I know it's still a while off, but you know me and my obsession with planning miles in advance....... :mrgreen:

PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2009 9:58 am
by Grania
PierreC wrote:Hey Grania...everybody knows we are passionate !

Really? I hadn't noticed :lol:

As for the Errigal Arts Festival Dave....*yells to Jo*!!!!!

PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2009 1:29 am
by Dubhy63
It's most likely that the concert will take place in An Grianán Theatre . I've also checked the festival website ,but no info available at this moment. :D