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Passing Time Lyrics

PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2012 4:01 am
by RunrigCorvusCoraxFan
After much listening, I can bring you the lyrics, and try to fill the gaps.

You can win or lose and be excused
With the sudden change of plan
As a change of reality, it's very clear
But a loser always loses in the end
Always in the end


For a long time now
I'm passing time
Still I know somehow
I'll learn to try
I'm passing time

You may ask for gifts, just anyone
The right one will come along
I'm not so sure it's anything at all
For a loser is still losing in the end
Losing in the end

(Chorus 2x)

Yes, I am aware of passing time
Without a care in sight
I can feel the changes coming very soon
And a loser won't be losing in the end
Losing in the end


Passing time
Passing time