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Dulaman, Fuaim and Crann Ull scans

PostPosted: Fri Oct 14, 2011 6:40 am
by RunrigCorvusCoraxFan
This is for anyone who wanted clearer images of these cassettes.

Crann Ull, showing you 2 versions of these cassettes. One clear, one white. Also inlay is a different colour. I bought green cover version on amazon, and tape is clear. ... 01/012.jpg

Fuaim. Same thing, but noticable difference is that Fuaim version 2 (white cassette), inlay is in brown, and picture looks clearer. 2 tapes, clear and one white. I bought Fuaim on Amazon and it was a clear cassette. Inlay was grey ... 01/011.jpg

Dúlamán cassette

This I think is original cassette version of this album. Released on Gael Linn; there is no year but inlay is good nick, slight tear. On this cassette, track titles A5 and B5 is in order but plays right order on cassette. This is a clear cassette. I'm not sure if there was a colour tape made. ... manMC1.jpg ... manMC2.jpg ... manMC3.jpg

I won these tapes when I won a auction where someone sold 6 cassettes in a set. In set was Clannad 2 original, Dulaman, Crann Ull (yellow cover), Fuaim, brown cover and white cassette), Anam and live in concert reissue.