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China High Quality FDPH Series Vacuum Pump Wholesale

PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 6:31 am
by Sebahtstian
Main features:
Compact structure and small footprint.
The structure is simple and convenient for maintenance. No special tools are needed for the maintenance and maintenance of centrifugal pumps.
Single pump can achieve the 30Pa~5Pa limit pressure, wide range of work.
According to the system working conditions, a dry centrifugal pumps manufacturer unit can be composed of a suitable roots vacuum pump, which can greatly increase the centrifugal pumps supplier speed and reduce the power consumption in the low pressure area.
No oil in the pump cavity, no pollution to the centrifugal pump, and a clean vacuum.
No oil in the pump cavity, very easy to achieve the recovery of the solvent.
Pump cavity and screw surface have nickel plating or PTFE coating for choice, can be pumped out of a large number of steam and a variety of corrosive medium centrifugal pumps manufacturers.
Because no waste oil and waste water are discharged during the working process, the environment is free from pollution.