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Moya on Máire Breatnach's new album

PostPosted: Tue Apr 06, 2010 7:43 pm
by Roibeard Óg
Hi everyone! Máire Breatnach, Moya, Fionán and Cormac recorded Máire Breatnach's album together in Moya's studio. You can hear them all on Máire's album 'Cranna Ceoil - In Full Measure'. It's really gorgeous!

Moya's husband, Tim worked on the project too (photographs, I think!). So, this could be a teeny taster of what Moya and Cormac are working on!

Moya appears on about half the tracks. I'm very unlearned and not too good with mainly instrumental albums, but this album is really, really gorgeous! [=

I'll post a few 30 second samples when I get a wee chance! [=

Ps, for those that don't know about Máire Breatnach, she's behind the strings on Moya's last few studio albums! :D