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PostPosted: Mon Dec 21, 2009 11:47 am
by Methica
Luned wrote:"Codhlamh a Leanbh"

I've just come across this video on YouTube and the title tells me nothing...
I was wondering... what has happened to Methica's discography thread?

The track indeed comes from a soundtrack, though I don't have the soundtrack myself I do have the DVD that goes with it.

About my old topic, it has automatically been deleted due to inactivity (something the forum does on its own), and as soon as I have time I'll make a new one. I tried googling for it, to see if it was left in some archive, but too bad it wasn't.
If anyone copied it, feel free to send me the list again :)

PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:04 pm
by Dab051176
For those of us who have ever wondered what New Year's Eve is like in Leo's, someone has posted clips on YouTube (in 10 parts!!!!!!!!) :D

Part 1 is here: , and I'll leave you to navigate your way through to the others! :mrgreen:


Edited by gregoing (hope that's ok) - separated comma from link, which was causing link to not work. Now it does :)

PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:19 pm
by Dubhy63
Thanks for posting this Dave,I've spent many,many nights in Leo's but never on New Year's Eve :)

PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:09 pm
by Maya85
I've just watched this
wonderful :roll:

PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2010 5:59 pm
by Anya
Thanks for posting that. It's a great video. :D

PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2010 9:12 pm
by Maya85
Yeah it really is and I am very thankful that I could be there :-) The meeting with Moya and her fans was something that I will never forget.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 1:16 pm
by kevinkells
Thanks Maya85, it's a nice little insight into Moya just enjoying herself with good company...

PostPosted: Tue Mar 02, 2010 2:16 pm
by hermeyjdi
Maya85 wrote:I've just watched this
wonderful :roll:

That was a fun trip for me. My first time to Holland and my first time to meet Moya.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 5:02 pm
by wonky_eggs
I've uploaded the two remixes of Moya's "Beating Heart" from the 1992 promo single:

Dub Mix:

Vocal Mix:

I'm sure most of you won't have ever heard these mixes before seeing they're from an obscure 18 year old promotional 12" vinyl, so I thought I'd share. Enjoy!

PostPosted: Wed Sep 08, 2010 10:17 am
by Dab051176
I've just found this video of Moya singing with Dervish. This isn't the gig that Susann and I went to last weekend, but from the Shrewsbury Folk Festival the week before. It'll give you an idea of what the party....sorry, gig.... was like in Dublin, though (and Moya seems to be enjoying herself just as much in this video, anyway)! :mrgreen:

All together now, "There were two sisters, side by side...." :P

PostPosted: Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:50 pm
by Anya
Great video, thanks for sharing. :D

PostPosted: Thu Sep 30, 2010 5:00 am
by kevinkells
Nice video clip...who was Moyas' co-singer?

PostPosted: Thu Sep 30, 2010 8:56 am
by Dab051176
It's Cathy Jordan, the lead singer of Dervish. There are a few other videos of her as well, if you're interested, including one of the fastest versions of "An t'Ull" I've ever heard! :mrgreen:

PostPosted: Fri Oct 01, 2010 6:15 am
by kevinkells
Thanks Dave, I like her style...a cool performer :!: :)

PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:56 pm
by Dubhy63
I came across this video tonight,one can see quite a few familiar faces :D