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PostPosted: Wed Feb 04, 2004 1:36 am
by playboyblackmon
Hello yall, I have been knowen to listen to music 3 or 4 hour's a day. :D

Re: Music

PostPosted: Wed Feb 04, 2004 7:33 am
by cantilena91
playboyblackmon wrote:Hello yall, I have been knowen to listen to music 3 or 4 hour's a day. :D

In my case, it can be anything between 1 to 6 hours, sometimes even more! I just cannot be without listening the over 500 CDs I have...


PostPosted: Fri Feb 06, 2004 6:45 pm
by nessieq
it depends, i make sure of listening to some music before i go to bed every night and when i get in from school, but i study music some days which means 2 hours of either talking, composing or listening to it. i'm absolutely music mad, so even if i'm not listening, i'l be humming to someting or strumming my fingers on the desk, something that drives my friends mad!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2004 9:18 am
by mise
I love listening to music. It would kinda depend on my mood what I listen to and there are days too that I love absolute silence. I find music creates a certain kind of mood. So if I am really down I try something cheerful! :D

PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2004 10:25 am
by the whistleplayer
It might be more than 3/4 hours a day, not sure... but I think 3/4 hours is average.... I don't think I could do without it actually :mrgreen:
But listening isn't enough, I have to play it myself as well.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2004 12:20 pm
by AndyPandy
During the week I listen an awful lot, I have music playing in the car on the way to work, we have the radio on at work and I usually listen for an hour or so when I get home, so weekdays can be as much as 10 hours! :shock:

Weekends... anything from 0 - 3 or 4

PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2004 12:26 pm
by Eternal_Silence
It depends on the day: with a school day i think it's like 2 hours and when i have a day off it's almost the whole day long :mrgreen:


Music. How many hours

PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2004 11:05 pm
by ChroĆ­
Hi everyone !
Music holds a central place in my daily life. First of all, I spend much time with classical music, that of Bach, mainly his choral music; also Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert and French Music; and everyday, one of each Moya, Enya and Loreena McKennitt. I am developing a growing interest for music of the world, but Celtic music remains my fave with its peace, stillness, true joy and profound spiritual appeal.

Le gra


PostPosted: Mon Oct 18, 2004 4:27 pm
by richard

PostPosted: Mon Oct 18, 2004 10:38 pm
by Eternal_Tears_of_Sorrow
it depends on the day...i think at a schoolday i listen very much, i listen before go to school, on my way to school, at school and then on my way back and when i'm home i go to the computer and put some music on and before i go to bed.. so i think i listen 5 a 6 hours a day....
in the weekends less ( maybe an hour less)
i just love listen to music!! :D :mrgreen:


PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2006 3:49 pm
by Methica
I have 5 to 6 hours, even though that even less then I listen.. I listen always to music, and everywhere to...


ps: I think I listen like 7 to 8 houres;) I wake up with music, and go to sleeep with music

PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2006 6:21 pm
by Niamh
I think I listen to music for 4 hours a day, sometimes more, sometimes less

PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2006 8:55 pm
by Ardens
During the week, it's often only one or two hours a day, but on Saturday and Sunday, I listen to music a lot more. I usually like listening to music very much, but there are also times when I need silence.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 25, 2006 6:26 am
by sarahCat210
I think I listen to it about 4 or 6 on the week days because of hw and traffic. On the weeks sometimes more. :mrgreen:


PostPosted: Sat Mar 25, 2006 10:25 pm
by hermeyjdi
I listen to music almost all day at work. I take a case full and switch them out each day. I am lucky since my job does not requrie me to be on the phone or talking to people much so I put in CD's and put on my head phones and rock out!! I love it so much. :mrgreen: I usually don't listen to a lot of music in the evenings and it depends on the weekends too.