The Quiz

Moya Brennan Forum Olympics 2008 - read only as all completed in 2008.

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The Quiz

Postby Grania » Tue Sep 09, 2008 6:37 pm

Here it is everyone, the event to test your Moya knowledge and maybe even your detective work!

Task: This one is easy! You’ve got 14 questions, with one bonus. Answer them as best you can! If you get all 14 questions right, you will be entered for the prize draw, getting to bonus question right will mean you are automatically entered.

Please post your entries in this section, under a new topic, with your Username and the competition number (which, for this event, is Para Olympics).
e.g. 'Para Olympics - Grania'
Please include the questions AND answers in your post.

Please do not discuss the answers to the questions. Answers will be removed to a hidden room as quickly as possible, although there may be delays as we cannot always have a moderator present on the forum.

The closing date for it will be the 17th September, the closing of the Para Olympics, not much time, so off you go!

The Questions

1. Name all of the albums on which one or more of Moya’s sisters appears

2. Which song appears both on an album of Clannad’s and on one of Moya’s albums?

3. For which charity does Moya act as Goodwill Ambassador?

4. Give Moya’s date of birth

5. Where was Moya born?

6. Name the song on Moya’s first album which is a cover version

7. Which song contains the line “Éist fuaim an chláirseach”?

8. On the cover of which album does Moya’s old harp appear?

9. Name the only other woman in Moya’s band and her instrument

10. What are the names of Moya’s books?

11. On which albums does the Cor Séipeal Mhuire, Doire Beaga (choirmaster Baba Brennan) appear?

12. Who is Moya’s regular dress designer?

13. On which albums do either of Moya’s children appear as vocalists?

14. Which album is inspired by the sun and moon?

15. - The Bonus Question

Which famous English folk musician appears on Two Horizons?
Music and friendship - the answer to life's problems.

I heard Your voice
Whisper to the wild water
Step By Step
Slowly I turn - Máire Brennan
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