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#1, Methica - Olympic Singer

Postby Methica » Sun Aug 24, 2008 1:51 pm

Olympic singer...

“Hurry up, Aisling!” Moya Brennan calls upstairs. “We need to catch the airplane...” Moya ran back into the livingroom where Tim was sitting on his suitcase, trying to get it closed. Paul was reading a book, sometimes checking how far his dad was with his suitcase, then getting back to his book while laughing quietly. “Please Tim, get her to hurry up will you? I’m too tired to try again...”
Tim sighed, looking at Moya and said, “Ok, but please get this suitcase closed, it’s killing me... I’ve been trying to close it, but I can’t...” He walked upstairs, already calling Aisling to hurry up.
Moya looked at the suitcase, moved some clothes and closed it without a problem. Paul laughed... “Tried to tell him that half an hour ago, he just wouldn’t listen...”
Moya laughed... “You know how your father is like, Paul... He’s as stubbern as I don’t know what...”
Finally Aisling came downstairs with her suitcase, followed by Tim. Tim looked at his suitcase, closed and well and asked how it got closed. “Sometimes you need to move your clothes around, dad, before you can close it. Tried to tell you that like 30 minutes ago!” Paul reacted. “Oh, and Aisling,” he continued, seemingly innocent, “What took you so long?”
Aisling looked at Paul, angry, flames almost coming out of her eyes. “Well, someone thought it was funny to hide my shoes, my make-up and my bag...” She looked really angry... “Don’t you know I know you did it?”, she said with a really low voice. “Never touch my stuff again, got it?”
Paul laughed, but Tim looked at him with a look saying ‘we’re going to have a talk later’.

It all happened two weeks earlier. Everyone knew about the Olympics in Bejing. Newspapers we’re full of it, the bad quality of air for the athletes. Nevertheless, everything still went on. Everyone was excited, because it was supposed to be another medal-winning Olympic. It was during that time that Moya Brennan recieved a phonecall from the Taoiseach if she was willing to perform Ireland’s Olympic Anthem for the Irish athletes. Moya was thinking about it. It sounded like a wonderful thing, performing and going to the Olympics. There was however, some doubt. It would be a very long flight to China, but then again, it would be a wonderful opportunity. After a few days of thinking and talking with Tim, she decided to go.

She called the Taoiseach and told him that she would go. She made sure with school that Paul and Aisling would be able to go to. She thought that they would love seeing the Olympics for real, in Bejing itself! However, when she told her children they looked at her like she was crazy! “How could you think I’d love to go to Bejing?”, Paul asked her with an annoying tone in his voice. “That means I have to leave my life here for days, days Mom!!”
Aisling didn’t really care. She didn’t mind going to go to Bejing, but deep inside she loved to go. But just like any other teenage girl she didn’t want her mom to notice. “Okay, off to Bejing then...”, she said with an indifferent voice. “Will we be staying for the entire thing then, Mom?” Moya replied with a yes.

The plane however was like hell. Though the plane wasn’t completly filled with people, there was a tense atmosphere. Tim didn’t really seem to notice, however Moya did. She kept looking aside to see of Paul and Aisling were acting normal. She knew it just could work letting those two sit next to each other for hours. After an hour and a half from which Paul and Aisling didn’t speak to each other she decided to break them apart. Paul switched seats with Moya and sat next to his father. Moya hoped they could catch up, instead of the troubles they had with the suitcase. Aisling didn’t really know what to say. She wanted to tell her mom she really didn’t mind going to Bejing, that she in fact loved going! She was thinking how to tell her mom that. “Uhm, Mom...?”, she asked. “Remember how I said I didn’t really care about going?”. Moya looked at her with smiling eyes. “Ofcourse I remember... Let me guess, you either care as in you really don’t want to go, or you care and you love to go...”, she replied smiling. “Mom, I’m trying to have a moment with you, don’t spoil it...”, she replied. “I really like the fact we’re going. And you get to perform for the Irish athletes! You have to help me to get all of their autographs, and I have to go on a picture with them. You did bring the camera right?”, she asked her mom. “Wel, actually... I didn’t. Your dad did...”, she said with a moment of silence between I didn’t and your dad did...
Aisling sighed... “Should have seen that one coming... Dad the camera-man.”

Ding! “Please fasten you seatbelts. We’ll be landing in Bejing in a few minutes...”

After they landed Moya, Tim, Aisling and Paul were brought to the venue. “Your belongings will be brought to the hotel”, some guy said with an Irish accent. “You need to perform now, dear Moya...”

And so Moya was brought to the athletes, paitenly waiting in a venue. And it was there that she gave one of the most thrilling performances ever. While Moya got on stage, she could hear everyone being silent, waiting for her to sing. She stood behind the microphone and took a deep breath... and started to sing...

The crowd is calling, challenge has begun /
History falling, on shoulders of the young /
The field of combat, holding out the prize /
In sight of glory, captured through the eyes… /
Of the heroes, watching as their destinies unfold...

To bring the Green to Gold...

990 words
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