Song Re-writing Competition

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Song Re-writing Competition

Postby wonky_eggs » Sat Aug 23, 2008 8:08 pm

Task: Re-write the lyrics - and titles if you want - to any of Moya's songs (either in full or in part) to relate them to the Olympics in any way you see fit - no pun intended :lol: :wink:

Please post your entries in this section, under a new topic, with your Username, the title of your story, and the competition number (which, for this event, is 4).
e.g. '#4- Wonky_Eggs, Against the Shotput'

If you would like to discuss the stories, please do so in the 'General' room of the Olympic Games section, but be aware that any malicious comments will be removed by the moderators.

The closing date for it will be the 25th of August - not much time - so get cracking!
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