#1 - Ardens, Returns

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#1 - Ardens, Returns

Postby Ardens » Fri Aug 22, 2008 9:53 am

It was afternoon when Moya walked out of the airport building in Beijing. She put her luggage on the ground next to her and wiped her eyes. It had been a long way from Ireland and although she had enjoyed looking at the world from above, it felt good to stand on solid ground again. Moya watched out for a familiar face. People moved through the hazy air. Some of them rushed, many carried suitcases. From the distance they looked a bit like ghosts with equipment.
“Hello Moya!“, a voice said. The Irish singer turned around and recognized her friend immediately. Lan Wang had not changed a lot since the previous summer when she had come to Ireland for the eleventh time in her life. Moya thought that the young woman had to be one of the biggest Ireland-fans in all Asia. Since Lan and her husband were pride owners of a travelling company, they did not even dream of keeping their enthusiasm to themselves. They never got tired of talking about Irish hills when they were in China and about Chinese culture when they came to Ireland. Moya had been one of their listeners at a dinner in Dublin some years ago and after a couple of good stories from Asia, she had decided to expand the visitors' repertoire of facts about Ireland. They had been friends since then, and when the first tickets for the Olympic Games were sold, Mr. and Mrs. Wang came to the conclusion that Moya should not miss such an event and sent an invitation to Ireland.

Now the two women entered a taxi, talking about the latest news. Inside the car, Moya rummaged about in her bag. Lan gave her a puzzled look:“What are you doing?“
“Here it is! For a moment I thought that I had forgotten it at home.“ With a smile of relief on her lips, Moya gave her friend a rectangular package. Lan tried to feel the contents through the colourful paper. Then she opened it carefully.
“Wow, it's all the CDs I ever dreamed of!“, she whispered happily and looked at the fronts and backsides of the rare Clannad-albums again and again. „Thank you so much, Moya!“
“Thank you very much for your invitation! And don't forget forget to let Cai listen to these CDs from time to time!“
“Don't worry, I will!“, Lan giggled.

Half an hour later, Moya arrived at the hotel. She stored her suitcase in a corner of the pretty room and looked out of the window. Far below, tiny cars were passing. They looked like busy beetles and their buzz filled the air even high above the ground. Moya thought of the competitions she would watch next day. She had been to so many exciting events in her life, but this would be something new. Colours, suspense and an audience consisting of people from all over the world – yes, she was very lucky that she would be there.
Thinking of this evening did not make her feel less excited. She would spend the evening with Lan and Cai, who had promised to show her the best restaurant of Beijing. After all the hours in the plane, of snacks and standard dishes, this was exactly what Moya wished for. She looked at her watch. It was time to prepare.

Silent music and fragments of conversations in Chinese floated through the elegant restaurant. Tea was served in little cups and the smell coming from the neighbouring tables was promising. Moya enjoyed the atmosphere in this room, the foreign sounds, the foreign tastes. Lan and Cai told her about the latest successes of their company and soon they also talked about their plans. Moya listened and tried to give advice, especially when Lan elucidated her idea to combine holiday trips to Ireland with visits of concerts and shows. When the plates were put on the table and the friends took their chopsticks, they changed the topic. „How's your family?“, Cai asked.
Moya was opening her mouth to answer when suddenly a group of men passed the table. One of them recognized the couple and greeted them, the others followed.
“These are some of the officials responsible for the competitions in Beijing.“, Lan whispered into Moya's ear. Moya nodded and some minutes later she found herself sitting at a bigger table not only with her friends but also with the unknown men. Lan gave the Irish singer an apologetic smile. It was obvious that she could not do much against the determination of a bunch of officials. Or maybe she did not dare to do anything.
Cai introduced Moya to the men and the conversation was continued in English. One of them, a middle-aged man with thick glasses, clapped his hands enthusiastically when he heard that Moya was a famous singer. “So how many records have you sold?“, he asked and Moya told him the whole story of her career with Clannad and her solo projects patiently.
“So we are very lucky to meet you!“, the offical said and the others agreed.
“Sing something for us!“, someone said loudly.
Moya frowned. She wanted to continue talking and trying the delicious pieces on her plate, not sing spontaneously in front of a whole restaurant.
“I didn't prepare to sing. I haven't got any instruments, I haven't got my band with me and I doubt that this would be the right moment.“
“She is certainly right.“, Lan added quickly.
“Come one, you're a good singer, you'll manage that!“, the bespectacled man said and tried a charming, almost eerie smile. He and his colleagues looked like men who did not accept excuses. Cai swallowed.
Moya emptied her cup and got up with a sweet smile on her lips. Then she raised her voice and sang “Against the wind“.
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