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#1, Phantas, "One World, One Dream"

Postby Phantas » Wed Aug 20, 2008 7:12 pm

As the day drew closer where she had to perform before a four million public, and even moreso, before the eyes of the entire world, she remembered her own road to Beijing. How had it begun? She was on tour in Europe, in fact, when Tim approached her: "Moya, there's an important phonecall waiting. You might want to take it this time." he had said with the loveliest smile ever. Trusting in her husband's judgement, and the path the Mighty One had set out for her, she accepted the call. "Hello?"

What followed was a strange but exhilliarating talk. One of the officials of the Olympic Games had received many calls, letters and emails talling him that Moya Brennan, leadsinger of Clannad, from the little town of Gweedore, somewhere in the northwest of Ireland, would be the perfect artist to sing the Olympic theme song for the Olympics in China. She wa baffled at first, and figured they'd made a mistake, assuredly. But no, they were pretty serious about it! She had to laugh and made some vague comment about being on tour, but the official had talked to Tim and he had assured them she would be available. Gee, thanks Tim, she thought sarcastically.

The call went well and Moya had agreed to sit and discuss the ins and outs regarding this worldly event. As she met the official she talked with on the phone, he appeared to be the most amicable man, and a distant Irish native! When he introduced the other people Moya noticed that there were two Chinese officials sitting in. This made her nervous. What if they didn’t like her, or didn’t know her music? But, the official, whose name was David, had let the Chinese officials listen to some of her music – he had requested Tim for some samples and received the latest album Heartstrings, which he personally adored!

Both Chinese men appeared to be very nice, but also quite distant she felt. Still, they had all agreed that Moya’s voice, and her message of unity within her music, would be the perfect choice as a non-Chinese artist to give voice to the credo of the Olympics in Beijing: One World, One Dream.

After Moya had agreed (and that took some discussion!), her life had been turned topsy-turvy. After the European leg of the tour had ended there were only a few days left before they were being flown into China. She ofcourse took her family with her – it would be good for her kids to see something other than Ireland for instance, and Beijing appeared to be a most beautiful place. They made sure to take time off during the rehearsals to scour the city and see the sights, but the timeframe for rehearsals was very tight. Tim usually took the kids along and then met with Moya later on the day, after initial rehearsals were done. She couldn’t speak to anyone about the show, as Chinese officials had instructed her, but she knew this was going to be her moment. And that of about a gazillion others, mostly athletes competing in the Olympics.

And so, it came to pass. The day before the Big Show was going to commence and Moya was getting nervous. Although rehearsals had gone amazingly well, she was afraid something might go wrong still. Tim, Aisling and Paul all tried to comfort her but it wouldn’t do. Although she couldn’t tell them, the sheer size of the show was becoming a bit overwhelming.
Luckily, they had no more rehearsals this day. It was free to be used whichever way they pleased. So they went out, the entire family, to see the sights once more, but this time together.

The moment was arriving. Her heart was in her throat, her knees were wobbly, but she was ready. It had taken a long time, it was a long and hard journey to stand here and be proud – but this was going to be it. She would now be able to show the world that the Brennans were not to be forgotten. They would never be forgotten. She would never be forgotten. Her name was to be written in the stars, although she didn’t care for it as much as others would. Her heart was with everyone involved, with her family (who were watching from the banks), with the athletes.

There she went – rising to an amazing height. She could hear the audience, four million people, with eyes all aglow. It had been an amazing spectacle and she would add her touch of brilliance to it, with a warmth that would surpass the almost surgical effectiveness of the Chinese organisation. Her Green would indeed turn to Gold, with God’s will.

There had been lights, there had been dancers, but as she rose to the stage, a huge globe, together with a Chinese choir of children, she shone with her own light. Her song, titled “One World, One Dream” reflected the theme of these Olympics. It had been a race to the gold indeed, and this was the moment of truth. She could hear a pin drop, just before the music started to play.
A stillness overcame the audience. Her voice soared across the stadium, the Bird’s Nest and above the heads of millions attending. Her voice soared into homes all across the world. Her voice soared into the heavens. For her, at that moment, the green of home had indeed turned to the gold of Beijing!

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