#1- Niamh, Green to Gold

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#1- Niamh, Green to Gold

Postby Niamh » Wed Aug 20, 2008 5:32 pm

The first sunlight entered the room through the windows. She could no longer ignore the fact that it was no longer night. She could no longer say níl sé ina lá, because the day had indeed begun.
With a sight she opened her eyes and she knew that today was the day. Her day. By chance it was she was selected for this big event called the Olympics. She didn’t even remember what actually happened and even more important…she didn’t know when the selection had taken place. All she remembered was that she went out fishing with two brothers, two sisters and two uncles, just like in old times. They had caught a lot of fresh and juicy fishes before leaving the boat because they felt like gathering mushrooms. The sun was shining lovely for once when they were eating them while walking in the green fields of Goathdobhair. Yes, Moya had enjoyed the day a lot.
But now she no longer walked in her beloved Ireland, no, she’s supposed to run in a very strange land called China. It’s not that she hadn’t enjoyed the opening ceremony.. It was overwhelming to enter the big stadium wearing the colours of her country, carrying the most beautiful flag. While she stood there, feeling proud, she knew it seemed almost too late to turn and that’s why she decided to continue. Together with thousands of people Moya saw how the Olympics were finally opened when the big flame was lighted. And at the moment the torch caught fire she thought: Just live and learn from this experience.. you’re not going to disappoint!

She grinned and dressed her self up. The green looked good on her, she gently touched the shamrock. Even though she still missed the confidence to run her race she decided to ban that thought and simply started thinking of the ocean of light she had been able to see when the Chinese firework did their job some days ago. Why worry after having seen such a gorgeous show? Now she started to sing loud and clearly. It didn’t just cheer her up, the effect was just amazing! All athletes who were preparing started dancing around as if they had energy for two and Moya started to enjoy her Olympics.. Maybe, maybe, she thought, maybe I’ll do some good here today!

Somehow people seemed to know she had to do an important match today, everybody seemed to know her. With a smile Moya accepted help from two Chinese lads who had offered to bring her to the stadium which was located in a neighbourhood in the other side of Beijng. Everything went fine until she noticed that the guys were driving the wrong way. The driver must have seen her shocked face because he simply said: ‘This is a bridge that carries us over the river. It’s a shortcut.’
‘Well, let me see you are right then,” Moya said, still a bit unsure.

She closed her eyes. The driver had been right and the stadium was coming closer and closer. She could no longer hide. Her beating heart made the situation even worse. Her legs became unstable when she left the big yellow taxi and she could hardly thank the lads. She managed to arrive in the stadium. The crowd was cheering and Moya had the idea that her face looked as green as her gear. She looked around a bit and then suddenly recognised her son’s, daughter’s and darling husband’s faces in the crowd. Nothing had made her feel sure, but from the moment she saw those whom she loved most she knew that this was the perfect time to show her country that it wasn’t for nothing that she’d been selected. She started jumping to scare her opponents off.

‘GO!’ In less than a second she left her starting point, she ran and ran to the water. Without thinking she crossed the river. But at once there was no bridge anymore. She ran and felt nothing but air. Panic entered her head and body, but still there was nothing. ‘Hear my prayer!’ she shouted with all her power, but it was as if nothing could reach her. Moya was surrounded by black. Is this my humiliation, is what she thought. She simply didn’t know.

‘Wake up! Wake up! Sleepy head,’ six voices shouted. Moya opened her eyes and saw two faces she knew so well. Her brothers Ciarán and Pól were looking worried while her twin uncles were cooking some fish. Two of her sisters were simply staring at her and realized that they were waiting for her to say something. ‘It was a dream, nothing more,’ she said. The six of them started laughing. There was no reason for it, but it made Moya feel much better. The Olympics wasn’t the place to be for her. Having fun with her family, that’s what she wanted. She laughed so loud that she didn’t hear her phone ringing at first. It was Brídín who simply took it out of her pocket and answered it. ‘Moya, it’s for you, come on..’ Happy as she was Moya grabbed the phone. ‘Hello!’ she said to the unknown person at the other side of the line.
‘We have good news for you mrs. Brennan,’ the voice said. ‘Go ahead!’ Moya answered enthusiastic. ‘You have been selected for the Olympics.’

Not long ago Moya had experienced a black world. Again she was surrounded by black, again her face was green and this time it took much longer until she could open her eyes again. She was still at the beach, the phone was back in Brídín’s hand. ‘I guess it’s the shock,’ Moya heart her say. ‘I mean it’s such an honour when people ask you to sing Ireland’s Olympic anthem!’
And within a second there was a change in her face; from Green to Gold.
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