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Postby Jim » Wed Jun 24, 2009 8:38 pm

"Whoever painted that rendition of you at the Waldock Gallery did a good job," said Angoid.

"I certainly hope so," said Clanydd, "It's a self-portrait. I guess it's a good thing I can paint, because otherwise the only talents I would have are for scaring people and making disgusting noises."

"Really," said Dubhy, "Have you ever wished you could do something else?"

"Of course," said Clanydd, "My biggest dream has always been to play the harp, but I guess that's hopelessly out of reach for me."

"Don't discount yourself yet," said Moya, "The problem may be with the harp, not with you. Let me try it and see what may be the problem."

Moya picked up the harp and tried to pluck a low G note. The harp produced only a faint thud in response. "Let me see, the strings look OK. So does the sound box. You've got me flummoxed."

"I guess it really is just a piece of junk, then," said Clanydd.

Suddenly, Grania reappeared, frustrated and out of breath. "I know it's here somewhere," she said. She noticed how all of her friends were now being friendly to the Creature. "And now all of you have the nerve to buddy up to...him."

"That what I was trying to tell you earlier when you went off in a huff like you did," said Clanydd, "This is the only harp here."

"OK, then let me see it," Grania replied.

Taking the harp, Grania plucked the same low G note that Moya had tried earlier. The harp responded with a beautiful, resonating note. Wiping the dust from the back of the harp revealed a single word:


They had found the One Harp!

"But wait a minute," said Angoid, "One of the clues to the Worthy One is that it would not be a person. And you look like a person to me."

"Here, you try it," said Grania, pushing the harp toward Angoid. He played a few notes on it. Once again, it sounded beautifully.

"Why is it working for us, but not for Moya and Clanydd?" asked Angoid.

Dubhy began to think. "Let's try something," he said, "Moya, you and Clanydd come over to the circle with us and put your hands in."

They did so.

"I hereby pronounce you, Moya and Clanydd, to be members of the Fellowship of the Harp," said Dubhy. They all raised their hands high. "Now, go try it out."

Moya took the harp and began playing a beautiful rendition of "Mary of the Gaels". Clanydd then took it from her and also plucked a few notes, which sounded beautifully.

"I think I get it," said Grania, "The Worthy One really wasn't a person. It was our group." Clanydd continued plucking notes of the harp, and the air resonated with not only the sound of the harp, but also with his giddy laughter. His greatest dream was being fulfilled.

Grania asked the rest of the group, "Does anyone mind if we leave the One Harp here with Clanydd? He's been trying to play it all these years, and I think he deserves to keep it."

"I think that would be wonderful," said Moya.

There was a knock on the church door, which swung open to reveal a dragon's face.

"Tallulah! You're back!" exclaimed Grania.

"Well, we heard there was someone here whose greatest dream was to play the harp," said Tallulah, "and we've come here to see that take place."

"And we found the One Harp, too," said Grania, "so that's two dreams at once."

"Cool," said Tallulah, "Well, we've got to go now. There's a young girl in Russia whose greatest dream is to go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower, so we're going to get her."

"Well, then," said Grania, "give us a tweet on Twitter when you get there."

"We will, I promise," said Jim.

Everyone waved goodbye as Tallulah once again rose into the sky, and the sound of beautiful harp music rang forth from the ancient church.


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