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Postby Jim » Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:27 pm


The sun was burning the mist off the hill of Tara, so that the moon was just faintly visible. As the view cleared, they came into view. They were something of a motley crew, all sizes and shapes and accents.
One of the group was sat on the wet grass with her chin on her knees, which were covered with a skirt about the colour of the rising sun. Around her shoulders was a black shawl with a pattern of roses on it. She was singing quietly

"I hear the sound..." said one of the others in the group, but nonetheless joined in.

Chapter 1:

The group took in the awesome view that was slowly unfolding from beneath the blanket of mist.

Somehow the song was taking on a whole new perspective now. It was amazing how different it felt when looking at the landscape that inspired it.
Now, with the weather improving, it was time for the group to explore the area that surrounded the legendary hill.

No matter what, they were spoilt for choice, the remains of a time long gone made sure that boredom wouldn't be able to rear its ugly head. Rath Maeve was a good example of the fact that Tara belonged to a much wider complex of ritual and settlement sites.

Slowly they started to move but the normally easy walk didn't go to plan because Chris the sheep had been let loose all over the hill. :mrgreen: :wink:

Chapter 2:

Chris was feeling very unhappy as he had just heard about the terrible beast of Tara, apparently it has 6 noses so it can sniff ya out better, and instead of a mouth it has 4 arses.

After Chris had moved from craggy island he was hoping to live a long and relaxed life away from any kind of beast. Alas if the rumours were to be believed this would not be the case. :(

In desperation, Chris turned to his old and trusted friends, the Moya Brennan Forummers. :lol:

Dubhy63 happened to be around as he was a regular visitor of Tara and the other historic sites in Meath. Feeling sorry for Chris ,he wanted to make sure that the terrible beast couldn't get its claws near the poor fella, but this proved to be easier said than done.

Just as he believed to have figured out what the 6 nosed creature was planning, a lot of smoke started to fill the area. Could this be a trick of the beast or was something else causing the trouble? :?

Chapter 3:

The group wondered about that - after all, it could have been that the beast had farted from all 4 arses at once, and then a spark from somewhere caused it to ignite ... talk about firing on all 4!

But then, surely it would scream out as the flame backfired into its aforementioned orifices. But there was no such scream.
Well, that could have been why there was all this smoke....

Therefore, Dubhy was still as surprised as the rest of the group, but there could possibly be some explanation for this inconvenience. A spark could have ignited one of the rubbish bins at the car park, but it was just a theory and had to be investigated by a brave member of the forum.

It happened to be nothing as exotic as the aforementioned possible causes. It was merely smoke that had blown across from a nearby bonfire - totally controlled, not unexpected in the least, and thoroughly boring. Oh well.

But then suddenly there was music .... beautiful music, a lovely female voice accompanied by what sounded like a harp...

Chapter 4:

Grania knew who it would be, for she had heard that very voice before, even though it had been a number of years ago. Warning the rest of the group to keep quiet, she sneaked up to a small rise in the land, where she could hide behind a tree.

All of the others followed Grania's lead except Chris, who decided to make a circle and approach the source of the music from the other side.

Peeking from behind a small mound, Chris saw what appeared to be a long brown-and-white wall. At least, he thought it was, until it moved.

"It's a tail!" Chris thought to himself, doing all he could to stifle a bleat.
A few minutes later, Grania and the others heard Chris running up behind them.

"Don't go up there!" said Chris, "I just saw the tail of the six-nosed, four-bummed creature!"

Grania began to laugh. "It's OK, Chris, I know who it is. Follow me."
As the group topped the hill, they could see that the lovely female voice they had heard was not coming from a human at all. It was coming from a huge dragon!

Nessie was overcome with emotion. "Tallulah!" she screamed, running toward the dragon, finally arriving, and laying her head against the dragon's massive flank. "I love you!"

"I love you, too, and I've missed all of you so much!" said the dragon, gently caressing Nessie with her wing.

"I didn't know you could sing like that," said Nessie.

"Well, I have a good teacher," said the dragon, nodding toward the lovely lady playing the harp.

But before Tallulah could complete her introduction, there came a sound from deep in the woods.

It was the sound of six sneezes and four farts! :shock:

Convinced that this was the sound of the creature they had feared, the entire group clustered around Tallulah for protection.

There was a sound of small limbs breaking, then they could see something approaching.

A pair of horns!

The group clustered even more tightly around the dragon, shaking with terror. Then the creature emerged from the woods.

It was nothing more than a small orange-tabby cat wearing a Viking helmet.

"Jayz, you'd think I'd learn sooner or later never to eat chili with a bad cold!" said the cat.

"Goob! How have you been?" said Grania, turning to introduce her friend to the group, "This is the Gooble Funk, everybody."

"He's the one that I thought was so fearsome before I actually met him," said Nessie, "Makes me wonder just how bad the creature of six noses and four bums really is."

The Gooble Funk patted Grania on the back.

"You've gotta watch him, though," said Nessie, "He's not evil in the least, but he is quite a prankster."

As Grania turned away from the group, they all began to giggle.

"What?" said Grania.

"This," said Dubhy63, peeling a paper note that read "Kick Me" from Grania's back.

Chapter 5:

Grania turned and glared hard at Goob....but she couldn't help laughing all the same. It was beginning to feel like the old gang were getting back together again.

But they still had a mystery to solve...who was the lady playing the harp? :shock:

Yes, who was the lady playing the harp?

They knew for sure it wasn't Moya, since several of the group had left her behind in Dun Laoghaire to come here. The singing voice was quite similar, but the face was very dissimilar. It looked to them to be, you might say, ghostly.

A look of recognition came upon Jim's face, for he had seen that very face in old concert videos by Fairport Convention.

"Sandy Denny!" he said, partially aloud and partially under his breath, "I can't believe it! But you never played the harp before. Who taught you?"

"Him," said Sandy, pointing toward another ghostly figure that had appeared.

It was Turlough O'Carolan.

Meanwhile, it occurred to the rest of the group that Grania had brought them all out here, but had not yet told them why.

"Why did you bring us all here?" asked Angoid, "Surely it wasn't just to hear a singing dragon."

"Yeah, Angoid's right," said Chris the sheep, "and the creature of six noses and four bums is still out there."

"OK, I have a confession to make," said Grania, pulling a folded sheet of ancient-looking paper from her pocket, "Here's why I brought you out here."
Grania began to read from the paper.

"One harp to rule them all, and one player worthy to play it
In poetry it was shown to me, so in poetry I shall say it.
To begin your quest, go to the hill where Two Horizons meet,
there you shall find two ghosts, a harp,
and a dragon with voice so sweet."

"Wow, it's really true!" exclaimed Dubhy.

Grania continued, "The dragon, although very large
and brown and white of hide,
trust her and hear what she has to say
for she is on your side."

"See that rock wall over there?" said Tallulah, "Pull out that third stone and you will find your next clue."

Angoid pulled out the stone, and sure enough, there was another piece of paper behind it. He unfolded it and began to read.

"To find the One Harp, one must need
the strength of many horses
but first, you need your next clue which lies with..."

The group held their collective breath as Angoid read:

"THE CREATURE OF SIX NOSES AND FOUR ARSES!" :shock: :shock: :shock:

Grania took a stick and drew a large circle on the ground. Stepping into it herself, she asked, “OK, who’s in?”

“I’m in,” said Dubhy63, stepping into the circle.

“Me, too,” said Nessie, also stepping in.

Little by little, the entire group stepped into the circle, except for Chris the sheep, who stood nervously outside. “But what about the Creature?” he asked, “Personally, I’d rather be a live chicken than a dead…sheep.”

“Oh, c’mon, Chris,” said Grania, “You know we won’t let anything happen to you.” But this didn’t make Chris any more confident.

“I want you all to know,” said Tallulah, “I’ll be with you every step of the way.” Suddenly, his confidence bolstered by the fact that he would have 24/7 dragon protection, Chris stepped into the circle.

Everyone extended a hand into the center of the circle, except, of course, for Chris, who extended a hoof, and Tallulah, who extended a wing.

“Now, hear this!” said Angoid in a loud voice, “From this day forward, we will be known as…”


(Cue up lively, inspirational orchestral music and wait for next contributor.) :wink:

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Postby Grania » Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:58 pm

Grania wrenched herself away from her uni assignments (yeah, who's kidding who? :lol: ) and applauded Jim for his commitment to Moya Forum Insanity Unlimited :lol:

Then got on with the story :wink:

"OK..." Angoid sounded a big nervous, "So the first thing we've got to do is confront this....*gulp* creature.
"I'm glad we've got Tallulah," Chris finally admitted.
"You never know though," Nessie, ever the optimist, joined in, "he might be just like Goob...scary at first but perfectly harmless really."
Grania giggled and pulled another post-it off Nessie's back...this one read 'paint me'
"Well, maybe not totally harmless." She laughed...removing the pots of paint from sight quickly....
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Postby Jim » Mon Mar 16, 2009 6:29 pm

"At any rate," said Tallulah, leaning toward the ground, "we don't have any time to waste. Climb on board."

"I've kind of nervous," said Chris, "I've never flown before."

"Don't worry, Chris," said Nessie, "It's fun. I'll hold you. And Tallulah gives much smoother rides than any airline I've ever been on."

Once everyone was aboard, Tallulah spread her wings, ran headlong toward the cliff, and leapt into the air. Everyone could feel their stomachs in their throats momentarily, but then Tallulah caught an air current and began to rise. Everyone took in the view as the landscape of Tara receded behind them.

"You folks want some ALTITUDE?" asked Tallulah.

"Yeah! Yeah!" everyone yelled, almost in unison.

"OK, you've GOT IT!" 8)

The group felt their ears cracking as Tallulah rose with each beat of her massive wings. Soon, the cars on the motorway far below looked like ants crawling. There was no sound except for the roar of the wind in their ears. Everyone enjoyed the awesome view of the landscape rolling by below them.

Nobody questioned Tallulah, for she seemed to know exactly where she was going, which was, of course...

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Postby Jim » Tue Mar 17, 2009 3:39 am

Dublin. :mrgreen:

Tallulah and her riders made a slow, circling descent into an open field near one of the endpoints of the DART system.

As the group climbed to the ground, Tallulah gathered them together for instructions.

"Here's what you need to do," she said, "First, take the DART to Blackrock Station. When you come out, you will be a few hundred metres from the Blackrock Superquinn Shopping Centre. Go there, and go to the upper level of the mall. There you will find the Waldock Art Gallery. Go inside and look around. It should become obvious what you need to do. When you get back, I'll be waiting for you right here."

"Sounds simple enough," said Grania, "Could we bring you back anything?"

Tallulah thought for a few seconds. "Yes, you could see if the bookstore has the latest book by Anne McCaffrey." :wink:

Arriving at the shopping centre in a rather windblown state, the group first made their way to the public restrooms to freshen up a bit.

After that, they could not resist the temptation to stop by the T-shirt shoppe and get matching T-shirts with the letters F.O.T.H. emblazoned on them.

After that, they were all getting hungry, so they went into a pizza place, where the humans ordered a supreme, Chris ordered a vegetarian, and Goob unsuccessfully tried to order a Tender Vittles. After a few minutes, one of the patrons at another table began to gag. It seems someone had dumped all of the salt out of the salt shaker and replaced it with sugar. Of course, everyone suspected Goob, and he was probably guilty.

"I suppose we'd better get down to business and go to that art gallery," Dubhy63 suggested.

They did so, and began to look at the many pieces of art in the gallery.

Almost immediately, a painting in the surrealistic art section caught Angoid's eye. It was a painting of a strange creature...

...with six noses and four bums!

He reached up and slightly tilted the frame of the painting, and a folded piece of paper fell out from behind it. Secreting the paper in his pocket, he told the others, "I've got it. Let's go."

As they left, Grania popped in to the bookstore. She couldn't find the latest Anne McCaffrey book, but she could find Dragonsong, so she bought it. 8)

The group got back on the DART and returned to the place where they had first boarded. As promised, Tallulah was waiting.

"Did you get it?" she asked.

"Yes," said Angoid, unfolding the paper, "Here it is."

"What does it say?"

"Now you must travel many miles more
though you've only been to Dublin so far
Travel past the town of Gweedore
to a place off the northwestern shore
unreachable by car."

"Tory Island," said the group, almost in unison.

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Postby Jim » Sun Mar 22, 2009 9:29 pm

Good music for the flight sequences in this story:

and where we're scrambling all over the countryside looking for our next clue:

and where we're just enjoying each others' company:

Maybe it will inspire someone to add a chapter. :wink:

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Postby Jim » Sat Apr 04, 2009 3:21 am

They all knew they had better make preparations to fly soon. After all, they couldn't just stay camped out here for more than two weeks. :wink:

"Tory Island," said Tallulah, "You know what that means, don't you?"

"What?" asked Grania.

"It means we must fly tomorrow. It also means that you need to go back to Superquinn for supplies."

"Like what?" asked Angoid.

"Mainly warm jackets and goggles," said Tallulah, "I need to fly at just over 5000 metres altitude. This puts me above the private planes and below the airliners, but it also means it will be very cold. I will also be flying at a speed of nearly 200 kilometres per hour, so you'll have wind-chill to deal with. You might also bring me back a dozen apples."

"How about stuff to make s'mores?" suggested Jim.

"Sounds yummy," said Nessie.

"I guess we need matches, too," said Dubhy.

"Who needs matches?" said Goob, "We've got Tallulah." :wink:

It was already dark when the group returned from their second trip to town, but Tallulah had a fire going. They made s'mores, and Tallulah withdrew an apple from the bag, downing it in one swallow.

"I know we all need to rest up for tomorrow," said Tallulah, "but first let me tell you a story."

Everyone leaned in, intent to hear the story.

"It all started back in the days of my youth, when bards journeyed throughout the land with their instruments, and harps could be found in abundance. There was Turlough O'Carolan, Rory Dall, and a whole host of others. But there was one who was the greatest of all. His name was Lemley."

"Lemley?" asked Grania, "I've never heard of him."

"My point exactly," said Tallulah, "He had been visited with such great talent, but he refused to play for God. And because of this, his harp was taken away and stored in the Secret Place. And even though Lemley lost his blessing, the harp itself has retained its own blessing, but must remain in the Secret Place until the time that the One Who is Worthy is revealed by the Two Flying Muses."

"The Two Flying Muses?" asked Chris, "Who on earth are they?"

"They are shape-shifters," said Tallulah, "usually appearing in the form of present musicians, or in the ghostly form of past musicians."

Turlough O'Carolan and Sandy Denny, Jim thought to himself.

"Exactly," said Tallulah, looking directly at Jim, "Keep in mind that we dragons are telepathic." :oops: Tallulah continued, "and it is they who have left the clues leading to the location of the One Harp."

"Let me see if I've got this right," said Grania, "The Two Flying Muses will reveal the One Who is Worthy, but they aren't bringing the One Harp?"

"That is correct," said Tallulah, "because the Curse of Lemley mandates that no one, except for the One Who is Worthy, can ever touch the One Harp, or it will lose its uniqueness."

"Then why are we being given clues to the One Harp's location?" asked Dubhy, "Surely, the One Who is Worthy can't be one of our humble group."

"Don't be so sure," replied Tallulah. :idea:

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Postby Jim » Sun Apr 05, 2009 4:19 am

They all lay down that night, but nobody got much sleep, either because of wondering if they could be the Worthy One, or to avoid falling victim to another of Goob's infamous pranks. :shock:

As Angoid looked up, a light emerged from the woods. Coming closer, it turned into the ghostly figure of Sandy Denny. It was one of the Two Flying Muses.

"Angoid," whispered the Sandy-muse, "are you awake?"

"Yes, what do I call you?"

"Sandy is OK with me," said the muse, "You have been designated as the Gatherer of Clues."

"Really?" asked Angoid, "I was just wondering, I know we need to go to Tory Island, but what do we do once we get there?"

"Look for the seal with one golden earring," said Sandy, "He will swim to the Big Rock. Go back to the Big Rock after dark, and you will meet a man with one golden earring. He holds your next clue. And by the way, in case you haven't figured it out yet, he's a Selkie." 8)

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Postby Jim » Wed Jun 03, 2009 5:59 pm

Suddenly, it occurred to Jim that they shouldn't stay camped out in one spot for almost two months. :wink:

The next day dawned bright and sunny, but there were ominous clouds building to the northwest.

"This doesn't look good," said Tallulah, "It looks like there are thunderstorms along our intended route. Maybe I should call Dublin Flight Control and find out the best way to go."

Angoid dialed Dublin Flight Control and held his mobile phone up next to where Tallulah's ear would be, if dragons had ears. :P

"Dublin Flight Control," came a voice over the phone, "may I help you?"

"Yes," said Tallulah, "could you give me a flight plan to Tory Island so I can avoid those storms?"

"Looks like the direct route is quite messy," said the flight controller, "and the northern route doesn't look much better. I think your best bet would be to go to Dingle and fly up the coast."

"Sounds good," replied Tallulah, "I think that's how I'll go."

"I'm having trouble seeing you," said the flight controller, "What do you look like?"

Tallulah replied, "Oh, I'm about ninety-five feet long, brown and white, sorta scaly skin, kinda pointy teeth."

There was laughter in the background. "Tallulah, is that you?" said the flight controller.

"Live and in person, Liam" said Tallulah.

"Well, then," said the flight controller, "just take off and stay as far south as you can. We'll keep an eye on you until you get into Shannon airspace, then they can watch you the rest of the way. Have a nice day and a pleasant flight, and take care."

"You too, Liam," replied Tallulah.

The group climbed aboard Tallulah, and they took off, headed for Tory Island.

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Postby Jim » Tue Jun 16, 2009 9:08 pm

After a rather uneventful flight, the lovely scenery of the coast notwithstanding, they landed on Tory Island.

The group dismounted, leaving Tallulah to take a refreshing swim while they went out and explored the island.

They had lost all track of time when Dubhy checked his watch and noticed that it was already 1800 hours, so they decided they had best find the seal with one golden earring before darkness fell.

It turned out to be a fairly easy task, because a group of seals just happened to come swimming by. One in particular took notice of the group, turning its head at just the correct angle to show its golden earring. It nodded its head and winked at the group before rejoining its comrades. :wink:

Shortly after sunset, the Two Flying Muses, who before now had taken on the bodily forms of Sandy Denny and Turlough O'Carolan, but now looked like Cathie Ryan and Andreas Vollenweider (coincidence?), beckoned for the group to follow them.

Rounding a small rock outcropping, they came upon a man with one golden earring. Nearby on the rocks lay an empty sealskin.

Nessie scrambled over to pick up the sealskin. "Not so fast," the man said.

"Who are you?" Nessie asked.

"My name is Maruch, and as you obviously have guessed, I'm a Selkie."

"You have some information for us, don't you?" asked Angoid.

"I most certainly do," said Maruch, opening a sheet of paper. He continued, "To find the One Harp, go to Dun Laoghaire, but it's at the other end of the ferry."

"Holyhead," said Jim. The Flying Muses nodded agreement.

Maruch continued, "I hope this doesn't leave you cursin', but the One Who is Worthy is not a person."

The entire group stood there gobsmacked. Of the group, that left only Chris, Goob, and Tallulah. But it couldn't be Chris, because one cannot pluck harp strings with hooves. And Tallulah was way too large and didn't have hands at all. That left Goob, but wouldn't his claws shred the strings?

Could it be someone not in the group at all? If so, the Muses had been stringing them along (no pun intended).

Perhaps it was Maruch in his daytime form, but flippers were no good for playing a harp, either.

Or could it be "The Creature"? :shock:

Amid all the speculation, Grania finally brought the group back to its senses.

"We'll know when we get to Holyhead," she said. :mrgreen:

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Postby Jim » Mon Jun 22, 2009 3:49 am

But first they must get some sleep. It was already getting quite late, and they knew Tallulah was not fond of nightflying, especially in questionable weather. Also, the flight to Holyhead immediately after the flight here would have been strenuous not only on Tallulah, but on the entire group.

They all lay down to a good night's sleep. Even Goob was too sleepy for his usual nighttime pranks. :P

The group awoke at sunup. They looked first for Maruch, but apparently at the break of dawn, he had reclaimed his skin and slipped quietly back into the sea. But even more troubling, Tallulah was nowhere to be found. :shock:

Suddenly, the sea erupted into a flurry of waves and foam as a huge form ascended. It was Tallulah, and she was carrying several decent-sized fish. Apparently, dragons were deep-divers as much as they were high-flyers.

Over a tasty shore-brunch, the group discussed their findings with Tallulah, who agreed that a flight to Holyhead was a little too much for her well-being.

"So, what should we do?" asked Grania.

"I think a trip to Leo's might be in order for today," suggested Dubhy. 8)

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Postby Jim » Tue Jun 23, 2009 3:39 am

Tallulah dropped the group off at Leo's before flying on to Errigal. The first thing that happened was when Goob walked in and proceeded to tell all of the punters that the afternoon's shipment of Guinness and Boddington's had been held up by a horrific train derailment just outside of Waterford. Amid the chorus of groans and whines, Leo took Goob aside.

"Aren't you the one they call 'the Gooble Funk'?" he asked.

"Yes I am," replied Goob, "but everyone just calls me 'Goob'."

"I hear that you're quite the prankster," said Leo.

"I take it then that my reputation precedes me," answered Goob.

Leo then turned and announced, "The shipment should arrive as normal."

There was a chorus of snickers as Leo peeled a 'kick me' sign from the back of his shirt.

Much good food, drink and conversation were enjoyed at Leo's until late into the afternoon, when they left to rejoin Talllulah at Errigal. They would camp there that night, all of them almost certain in the knowledge that the next day is when it would all come down. :!: :!: :idea:

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Postby Jim » Tue Jun 23, 2009 5:57 pm

The morning dawned bright and crisp, a perfect day to fly. And everyone was in a hurry to do so, due to the prospect of bringing the One Harp home with them later that day.

Everyone jumped on Tallulah's back and held on tightly as she made a running take-off from the crest of Errigal and rose higher into the sky. Everyone enjoyed the view as Tallulah caught a good tail-wind and headed southeast.

But, unexpectedly, she began a slow, circling descent into Dun Laoghaire. "I thought we were going to Holyhead," everyone said to themselves, except for Jim, who remained silent.

Tallulah landed. "What's wrong?" asked Grania.

"I have something to tell you," said Tallulah, her voice cracking.

"What? What?" asked a few of the others.

"This is as far as Jim and I go," said Tallulah, "You don't need us from here on out."

Grania began to weep, and there were sobs heard among the entire group. "But Tallulah, we love you," she said. :cry:

"I know, honey," said Tallulah, "and I love you, too. More than anything in the world, but we would be in the way. This is the culmination of your greatest dream that's about to happen, and we don't want to do anything to keep that from happening."

"But where will you go?" asked Angoid.

"I don't know," said Tallulah, "but wherever we are, we'll always remember you. Now go and get that harp."

Grania stood there for a moment clinging to Tallulah. "You heard her, Grania," said Dubhy, "Let's go get that harp."

Everyone backed away from Tallulah, then Jim climbed back on board and they took off into the sky.

Everyone watched as Tallulah shrunk to a smaller and smaller apparent size, then finally disappeared from view.

"Mind if I join you?" said a voice from behind them. They all turned around.

It was Moya. 8)

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Postby Jim » Tue Jun 23, 2009 8:52 pm

"Why the long faces?" asked Moya.

"We miss Tallulah and Jim," said Grania.

"Tell me this," said Moya, "What's your greatest dream?"

"To have the One Harp," said Grania.

"OK," said Moya, "What if I were to tell you that Tallulah and Jim's greatest dream was to fly around the world helping others fulfill their greatest dreams?"

"Really? Did they tell you that?"

"Yes, they did, about a month ago," said Moya, "Now that they've left to do just that, we've got a harp to go get, so let's get going."

"Yeah, let's get going," said Chris.

Charged with renewed energy, they all ran toward the ferry landing to board the ferry to Holyhead.

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Postby Jim » Wed Jun 24, 2009 4:23 am

Getting off the ferry in Holyhead, the group was confused about where to go next. They had received a clue that the One Harp was in Holyhead, but where?

Chris spied a patch of good Welsh grass, and decided to go much on it awhile. Turning his head, he could see where a stone had been removed from an old rock wall. When he went to investigate, he could see that a piece of paper had been placed there. Meanwhile, the rest of the group encountered the Two Flying Muses, who had now taken the forms of Jodee James and Robert Huw Bowen. Chris ran toward them with the piece of paper in his mouth.

Grania took the paper from Chris, unfolded it, and began to read.

"The One Harp, if you don't mind it, at Saint Cybi's Church is where you'll find it."

"That pretty much settles it," said Angoid, "Let's go."

The door of the ancient church creaked open as they entered. All was silent, except for a voice humming aimlessly behind a closed door. Grania knocked on the door.

"Go away!" said a voice behind the door, "I'm busy."

"But we really need to talk to you," said Grania.

"OK, but it's going to cost you," said the voice.

The door opened very slowly, revealing a hideous face...

...with six noses! :shock: :shock: :shock:

And looking from behind, even a not-so-attentive observer would have noticed that he also had...

...four arses! :shock: :shock: :shock:

Chris began to bleat loudly. Goob arched his back and hissed, his tail taking on the approximate shape of a bottle-brush. Everyone else began to shake. That is, everyone except for Grania.

"We have come for the One Harp," she yelled, "and I'm prepared to fight for it!"

"What? That old thing?" said the Creature, pointing to a battered instrument behind him, "You can have it. It's a piece of junk. I've been trying to play it for years and can't get much more than a thud out of it."

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Postby Jim » Wed Jun 24, 2009 6:13 pm

"You must have it hidden around here somewhere else, then," said Grania, "I'm going looking for it."

"If you do, you're just wasting your time," said the Creature, "This is the only harp here."

But Grania was oblivious to this statement as she stormed off to some back room in the ancient church.

"Please excuse Grania's behaviour," said Moya, "Once she gets something in her head, it's hard to convince her otherwise."

"That's quite alright," said the Creature, "I'm accustomed to such reactions. Oh, by the way, my name is Clanydd." :!: :wink:

"That sounds like the name of the band I used to be in," said Moya.

"I can't believe it!" said Clanydd, "I've got all of your records. I just finished brewing a kettle of Earl Grey if you'd like to have a cup while you're waiting for your friend to finish her search."

"Sounds good to me," said Moya.

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