Here is one of my Poems

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Here is one of my Poems

Postby waynesworld » Tue Jun 16, 2009 12:18 am

A Guiding Star

Oh Lord, when the world is hurting, and you, seem so far,
Let me be thy instrument, and show the world, who you are,
That you might truly, be their guiding star,

That I can, truly show the world, that you are real,
That in, your mercy and kindness, their pain, you can truly feel,

For as darkness falls, you can be that star so bright,
In the middle of the night, you will be their guiding light,

For your ways, are high and lofty, and You, can truly see,
To guide and lead them, even from sea, to shinning sea,

For all their infirmities, even their broken hearts, you will heal,
Even upon them, you will place, your Holy Seal,

For through the gates of Heaven, they will go,
And crowns upon them you will bestow,

And a great wedding feast there shall be,
For we shall be the bride, for our Majesty,
Our God, our King, for all eternity.

Hope You Enjoy
Thats All Folks,


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